My Moonshot Project

Shouldn’t continuous improvement methodology be continuously improved?  This is the question that started a research project that lasted over a decade and resulted in The Genius Way.  Along the way, I discovered deeper reasons why it was important.

It’s been over 30 years since Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma were introduced.

Since then, we have learned more about the inner workings of each (and how they are flawed).  Business and it’s challenges has certainly changed.

However, the need for quality hasn’t changed.  Waste, rework and extra work are costly, in time, money and effort.  It shows up in the health of our economies, our societies and our people.  To solve the problems facing the world today, we can’t use old, outdated tools.

The most exciting development that calls for a new approach comes from neuroscience and psychology.  With more of us thinking for a living, this is net new knowledge that needs to be incorporated.  We aren’t using our hands, we are using our minds.  How the mind functions needs to be standard education for knowledge workers.

For instance, now we know about congitive biases and other realities of how we decide.  Quality has always said that if you can predict it, you can prevent it.

What happens when you use the Six Sigma methodology on itself to eliminate the defects? What if Lean Six Sigma was a leaner version of Six Sigma and if Lean had Six Sigma’s corner on variation?  And of course, what do thinkers need to do differently?

The Genius Way

There are six skills within The Genius Way.  The skill is straightforward, the secret is in the ability to overcome tendencies of human nature that will make it too hard, too long or too wrong.

The GENIUS WayGenerate Delight teaches you how to determine your key stakeholders and find out what matters to them.

Equip Processes teaches you how to streamline and improve work methods, even if you are doing highly creative, specialized work.

Navigate Change prepares you how to when and how to react to change or introduce your own to keep you on top of your game.

Ignite Innovation is about you how to find new problems to solve, and to sort out which are the bankable ideas that will change the future.

Unleash Talent teaches you how to help others perform at their best by providing valuable feedback and support.

Strengthen Teams will ensure that two heads are better than one from formation to completion of their mission.

About Me

Someone asked me who was I to take on this moonshot project.  Here’s who I am.


A chemical engineer by education, I graduated the University of Waterloo in 1997. Over the course of my career, I worked as a Black Belt directly in that capacity as well as in companies that had never heard of Lean or Six Sigma, in manufacturing and service, both public and private.


To me, it’s all about nature.  Human nature fascinates me, and it seemed to be in my nature to be dis-satisfied with the status quo.  I love reading, researching and trying to figure out how new ideas fit together in practical ways is something I can’t seem to leave alone.  Let me know more about who you are and what kind of excess work you’ve had enough of in your job.