Are Your Measures Being Gamed?

You might think your data and reports are robust and reliable, but your measures can be less than accurate reflections of the facts without much motivation or intention.  It also doesn’t take much effort to catch and gain a real sense of confidence.


Error Proof: 9 Ways to Prevent Mistakes

evidence of old air crash

When you want to prevent mistakes and be error proof, you could rely on self-discipline, memory, and extra effort, but all three will eventually fail.  Mistakes are costly.  Either you have to throw it out, fix it or live with the lack.  What you need are these nine robust ways designers, engineers, and doctors use to prevent mistakes.


8 Ways to Capture Tacit Knowledge and Document that Workflow

owl with glasses and books capture tacit knowledge

Your tacit knowledge is a rich resource, but untapped, it’s not helping you or anyone else.  Tacit knowledge is knowledge not easily transferred to someone else.  It’s the knowledge that results from experience rather than study.  When you want to delegate confidently, up-skill employees and protect your intellectual property, you have to capture tacit knowledge.


The Secret of Successful Root Cause Analysis


While Root Cause Analysis can be so simple that a three-year-old can master the 5 Whys, there is one secret to successful Root Cause Analysis that makes and breaks everyone and can even trip up the masters.  Finding out what went wrong isn’t so simple.  It is a journey backward into history that is full of more than just personalities and agendas. (more…)

Get Rid of Mistakes Once and For All


If you have ever made a blundering mistake, you have probably uttered the phrase, “Well, I’ll never do that again,” but what exactly, will you not do again that will get rid of mistakes once and for all?  Be sure that you get the answer right if you really don’t want that to happen again. (more…)