Habits by Design: 11 Reliable Triggers of Behavior

Marionette by Kallistii

In my experience, there are far fewer mean, stupid or lazy people than might first appear.   Triggers of behavior are mostly unconscious, which makes them dominate without question.  We evaluate others based on their actions, but we evaluate ourselves based on our intentions.  Unfortunately, between intention and action are triggers of behavior that can derail you or anyone else.

When you know what these are, you have the power to change what you do or reinforce what’s working.  You can figure out why you are stuck, decode the situations and find what is blocking you. Planning to change a habit?  Design in new triggers to make the shift easier and stick faster.  (more…)

Willpower: How to Get All You Need


If you’re like me, you could always use more willpower.  Instead of being held back by old myths about willpower, there are new insights from science you need to know.  Pulverize previous beliefs about what it is, where it goes, and how you can get all you need. (more…)