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Want to find time, eliminate frustrations, and be recognized for your rare and remarkable skills?  This is the workshop for you.

Work Smarter Now: The Quick Action Rescue Workshop

Don’t work hard on the things that don’t matter.  Make this year the year you rescue yourself from your work.  Working smarter is all about psychology, and like all knowledge, that field is advancing all the time.  Join this brand-new workshop and learn the latest insights.

This workshop will be available for a limited time only. Don’t get left out!  Work Smarter Now is the leading-edge workshop for anyone with a brain who wants to use it better.

In this workshop, you will learn more about these and other psychological triggers to help you avoid common traps and show you how to work smarter.  You will also get a downloadable action guide.  This guide will help you apply what you learn to the work you are doing.

In it you will learn:

  • The only three ways to improve anything
  • Why starting is what matters
  • The science behind better energy management
  • How to cut 10 hours out of your work week (or more)
  • The secret to delegating with confidence

If your work needs rescuing, then this is the course for you. Enroll now.

New Myths: The Latest Breakthroughs in Working Smarter

Of course, you want to work smarter.  You already know you can’t rob your sleep, multi-task, or continue at this break-neck pace.

Sleeping is critical to thinking.  Lose 2 hours, and it’s the same as impaired driving in your ability to function.  Multi-tasking used to be something to brag about, but now, we know the cost of the attentional blink.  If you try it behind the wheel, you will get a ticket or worse.  Powering through the work just to get it done will only run you down.  But what else has the latest research uncovered about working smarter?

Personality Fit Matters

To work smarter is to find a career that matches your personality.  When you are in a job that suits you, you could stand to earn the equivalent of a month’s salary more per year.  Teams need diversity in skills and ideas, but not in personality.  Ensuring fit among personality ensures that two heads are better than one.

Time Tension Motivates

We all are terrible at estimating how long something will take.  Hofstadter’s Law states that it always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account this law.  Give yourself too much time to get it done, and you will be just as likely not to get it done as if you had no deadline at all.  Track what you accomplish, and use historical data to predict the duration of future work.

Energy is Yours to Manage

You have to track your time and use the data as per above, but managing time is the wrong place to focus.  Instead, you should manage your energy.  We all have tasks that take our full concentration and ability, but we also have things we can do without much effort.  Tackle the hard stuff when you are at your peak, and continue to chose the work according to the energy you have.  The cool thing?  Getting hard stuff done will increase your confidence and energy while thinking about it will only tax it.

Over Emphasis on Completing

Don’t beat yourself up over the things you haven’t finished.  Nothing everything you start should be completed.  Too often, we get our heads down and push through on tasks that are no longer relevant, projects that should be axed and goals that should be modified.  Da Vinci didn’t finish everything either, but thinking you have to will prevent you from getting started and getting the juice flowing.  However, when the finish line is in sight, expect a burst of new energy.

Be Clear about Who You Are

Much of your unconscious decisions are ruled by who you think you are.  Identities govern behavior so much that it is little wonder that a different name can unleash a whole different capability.  Beyoncé adopted Sasha Fierce, and now she’s quite the force.   Your beliefs about what you can or can’t do are just beliefs, but Henry Ford knew that decades ago.  If there’s a big difference between your current self and your future self, expect your willpower to diminish rapidly.

Invest Wisely

Working smarter will help you get what you used to get done in less time with less effort.  However, should you decide that means it’s time to knock off, even the author of The Four Hour Workweek doesn’t work only four hour weeks.  Working smarter is about taking that extra capacity and doing something even better with it.  Where are you going to reinvest your earned time?

If you want to learn more about these breakthroughs and other myths of working smarter, sign up for the upcoming free workshop, to be released in the next few weeks.  It might be the smartest investment of your time for the whole year.

If your work needs rescuing, this is the course for you. Enroll now.